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0.22 ct Diamond  Studs0.22 ct Diamond  Studs
0.22 ct Diamond Studs Sale priceL 15,000.00 Regular priceL 30,000.00
Sold out14K Yin Yang Ring14K Yin Yang Ring
14K Yin Yang Ring Sale priceL 29,000.00
Aretes Cadena de Perlas
Aretes Cadena de Perlas Sale priceL 600.00
Aretes Caracol y Concha
Aretes Caracol y Concha Sale priceL 550.00
Aretes Corazon de Diamantes 14k
Aretes Corazon de Diamantes 14k Sale priceL 7,500.00 Regular priceL 16,500.00
Aretes de Concha con PuntoAretes de Concha con Punto
Aretes de Concha con Punto Sale priceL 550.00
Aretes de Flor Acrílica
Aretes de Flor Acrílica Sale priceL 500.00
Aretes Mini Hamsa Studs
Aretes Mini Hamsa Studs Sale priceL 4,500.00 Regular priceL 7,000.00
Ballerina kiniBallerina kini
Ballerina kini Sale priceL 450.00 Regular priceL 1,100.00
Ballerina leggingsBallerina leggings
Ballerina leggings Sale priceL 850.00 Regular priceL 1,700.00
Ballerina X TopBallerina X Top
Ballerina X Top Sale priceL 500.00 Regular priceL 1,000.00
Belt BagsBelt Bags
Belt Bags Sale priceL 1,500.00
Birthstone Eternity BandBirthstone Eternity Band
Birthstone Eternity Band Sale priceL 8,000.00 Regular priceL 15,000.00
Cadena Corazon Dorado
Cadena Corazon Dorado Sale priceL 650.00
Cadena de Piedritas y Cruz
Cadena de Piedritas y Cruz Sale priceL 550.00
Sold outCadena Dorada con Perlas
Cadena Dorada con Perlas Sale priceL 500.00
Cadena Hongo TurquesaCadena Hongo Turquesa
Cadena Hongo Turquesa Sale priceL 15,000.00 Regular priceL 34,000.00
Sold outCadena Nacar HeartCadena Nacar Heart
Cadena Nacar Heart Sale priceL 650.00
Cadena Ocre y Morado
Cadena Ocre y Morado Sale priceL 650.00
Cadena Perlas y CorazonCadena Perlas y Corazon
Cadena Perlas y Corazon Sale priceL 600.00
Cadena Shells
Cadena Shells Sale priceL 350.00
Cadena Sol
Cadena Sol Sale priceL 450.00
Cadena White ShellCadena White Shell
Cadena White Shell Sale priceL 500.00
Cadenas Evil Eye
Cadenas Evil Eye Sale priceL 600.00
Calcetines AltosCalcetines Altos
Calcetines Altos Sale priceL 450.00
Cross TopCross Top
Cross Top Sale priceL 700.00
Daydreamer Flare PantsDaydreamer Flare Pants
Daydreamer Flare Pants Sale priceL 1,550.00
Diamond Mushroom StudsDiamond Mushroom Studs
Diamond Mushroom Studs Sale priceL 10,000.00 Regular priceL 22,000.00
Diamond Turquoise Studs
Diamond Turquoise Studs Sale priceL 12,000.00 Regular priceL 24,000.00
Sold outEmerald Cuban BraceletEmerald Cuban Bracelet
Emerald Cuban Bracelet Sale priceL 25,900.00
Emerald or Sapphire Studs 4mm
Emerald or Sapphire Studs 4mm Sale priceL 8,700.00 Regular priceL 14,500.00
Sold outEmerald Stretchy Tennis Bracelet
Emerald Stretchy Tennis Bracelet Sale priceL 64,000.00
Estrella y Luna Diamond  Studs
Estrella y Luna Diamond Studs Sale priceL 4,000.00 Regular priceL 8,250.00
Flores AcrilicasFlores Acrilicas
Flores Acrilicas Sale priceL 575.00
Gold OmegaGold Omega
Gold Omega Sale priceL 150.00
Good Girl PantsGood Girl Pants
Good Girl Pants Sale priceL 850.00 Regular priceL 1,700.00 image image
Mini Diamond Studs
Mini Diamond Studs Sale priceL 8,500.00 Regular priceL 17,000.00
Mini Green BuckleMini Green Buckle
Mini Green Buckle Sale priceL 450.00 Regular priceL 1,050.00
One Shoulder TopOne Shoulder Top
One Shoulder Top Sale priceL 550.00 Regular priceL 950.00
Perfect Midi BikerPerfect Midi Biker
Perfect Midi Biker Sale priceL 950.00
PRE VENTA Transform JumpsuitPRE VENTA Transform Jumpsuit
PRE VENTA Transform Jumpsuit Sale priceL 1,850.00
PREVENTA:  Cadena Ombre Pink
PREVENTA: Cadena Ombre Pink Sale priceL 450.00
PREVENTA: Caracol en Blanco
PREVENTA: Caracol en Blanco Sale priceL 650.00
PREVENTA: Perlas con ConstelaciónPREVENTA: Perlas con Constelación
PREVENTA: Pulseras CANDY Sale priceL 650.00
PREVENTA: RIBBED ONESIE Sale priceL 1,650.00